Coopworth – Nightshade

After I spun the Merino, I picked up another colorway from Spunky Eclectic — this time a sliver of Coopworth in the colorway Nightshade.  While the fiber itself was perhaps a bit coarse and scratchy, I love the colorway and am sad she isn’t still producing it.

For this I went back to […]

Spinning Merino

After I finished the previous batts I was still in the mood for fast spinning, so last weekend I spun up some Merino roving I had from Spunky Eclectic, in the colorway Mudslide. Merino is a very soft fiber that really is best served by being spun thick and lofty anyway. Again, being from a […]

Spinning softly

After taking a silk spinning class, which I wasn’t very good at, I started practicing. Since I was focused on silk, which wants to be spun thin and high twist (well, it just looks better that way!) my ‘default’ yarn size got rather thin over time. Since I’m not exactly the fastest spinner around, it […]